Carlos Filipe Portela was born in Trofa, Portugal and went to the University of Minho in Guimarães, where he studied information system and obtained his degree in 2007 (Lic), 2009 (MSc) and 2013 (PhD). He holds a PhD in Information Systems and Technologies in 2013. He belongs to the Research Centre ALGORITMI where he developed his post-doctoral research work in the topic "Pervasive Intelligent Decision Support Systems". His research was started in the INTCare R&D project (Intensive Medicine area) being then extended to education and public administration areas. He already has relevant indexed publications in the main research topics: Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Systems, Pervasive Data, Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. He has also been co-organizer of several workshops and reviewer of many indexed journals and conferences in these topics. Currently he also is an Invited Assistant Professor of the Information Systems Department, School of Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal, where he has been supervising several master students in the areas above mentioned and a Invited Adjunct Professor at Porto Polytechnic - ESMAD. Filipe Portela found IOTech - Innovation on Technology in 2018. He is ready to transfer and apply the scientific knowledge in the benefit of the citizens, now.

Since he is a researcher (2008), he is working in the Medicine area and more recently in Public Administration and Higher Education. In fact some relevant results were achieved during his research and participation in projects, being the most relevant:

  • INTCare - A Pervasive Intelligent Decision Support System to Intensive Care;
  • Business Intelligence solution to Centro Materno Infantil do Norte (CMIN);
  • Business Intelligence platform to Local Administration;
  • Intelligent Decision Support System to Higher Education.


He also participated in several conferences as presenter and session chair. At same time he is member of scientific and program committees (conferences, books and journals). All Participations, Committees, Organizations and Editorial Board can be consulted in the respective link .

His research is focused in some Artificial Intelligence areas, where he already has several prominent publications:


During this period he had:

  • Postdoctoral scholarship (2014 - 2015);
  • PhD scholarship (2010 - 2013);
  • Research scholarship INTCare (2008 - 2009);


At academic level, since joining the UM, he stood out for their commitment, dedication and participation in several activities, where he has been playing various association leader positions:

  • Member of Information System Department Commission (in representation of Invited professors) (2014 - 2016);
  • Member of the Monitoring commission of Quality Assurance Internal System (SIGAQ-UM) (2012 - 2014);
  • Member of the Academic Senate (Pedagogical Council and Plenary) (2011 - 2013);
  • Member of the Pedagogic Council at Engineering School (EEUM) (2010 - 2013);
  • Representative of all students in the 3rd cycle (PhD) at EEUM (2010 - 2013);
  • Representative of Doctoral Program in Information System and Technologies students (2010 - 2013);
  • Member of the Student Representatives Committee in the UM Quality System accreditation and evaluation process (2012);
  • Delegate of Courses (2005 - 2009);
  • Member of the Engineering School Council and Course Commission (2005 - 2009);
  • Co-founder of Portuguese AIS Student Chapter (AISSC@UM) (2010);
  • Chairman of the General Assembly at AISSC@UM (2013);
  • Chairman of the Electoral Commission at AISSC@UM (2012);
  • Chairman of the Fiscal Board at AISSC@UM (2012);
  • Treasurer at AISSC@UM (2010 - 2011).


Since his election to the school organs at the UM in 2005, he has had the opportunity to participate in numerous assessment activities / educational management: Analysis, validation and approval of various courses (extinction, creation and modification):

  • Evaluation of the Quality System of UM;
  • Participation in electoral commissions;
  • Contribution to the restructuring of the UM Academic Rules;
  • Promotion of activities and events that enhance the intervention and participation of students, teachers, researchers and professionals;
  • Reformulation of many courses according to the Bologna process;


Finally, he also developed some teaching activities:

  • Professor at Qualifica-IT (2018 - current);
  • Invited Adjunct Professor in Informatics Department at UM (2018 / October - current);
  • Invited Assistant Professor in Information Systems Department at UM (2015 / April - current);
  • Co-supervisor / Supervisor of Master's theses / projects (2011 / September - current);
  • Guest Lecturer in ESEIG/ESMAD at IPP (2015 / April - 2018);
  • Member of MsC juries / panels (2011 – current);
  • Guest lecturer in Information Systems Department at UM (2013 - 2015);
  • Assistant lecturer (Volunteer) in Business Intelligence subjects (2010 - 2013).


Politically, he joined to the Socialist Party in 2004.

  • Member of Council Politic Commission (2018 – current);
  • Member of Municipal Council (2017 / October – current);
  • Candidate to Municipality Council (2017);
  • Member of PS National Committee (2014 – 2018);
  • Inherent member of District Politic Commission and Council Politic Commission (2014 – 2018);
  • Participate in Municipality Assembly meetings;
  • Candidate to Municipality Council (2013);
  • Member of Santiago Bougado Assembly and opposition leader (2009 - 2013);
  • First candidate for Santiago Bougado Parish Council (2009);
  • Member of the Council Politic Commission (2010 - 2012);
  • Founder and president of the Socialist Youth of Santiago de Bougado (2008 - 2009);
  • Member of the Santiago de Bougado Section Secretariat (2008 – current).


Areas of Interest:

  • Business Intelligence
  • eGov and eHealth
  • Health and Medicine
  • Higher Education
  • Local Administration
  • Politics
  • Public Administration
  • Science, Research and Innovation
  • Sports


Main Research areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
  • BYOD and PWA
  • Data Mining and Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Intelligent Decision Support Systems
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Machine-Learning
  • Pervasive Data
  • Technology Assessment